Your Birthday Book review

If you want a simple kids birthday book from the first birthday to the eighteenth, I recommend Your Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal by Amy Krause Rosenthal.

I find this birthday book inspiring because it’s so simple to fill out each year. I also love that this birthday book covers from the first to the eighteenth birthdays.


  • Add photos, and details about the party like “your very first birthday cake ever was…” and “your favourite gift was…”.
  • Record a couple funny things they said recently, from the second birthday to the eighteenth.
  • Use the pockets to add memorabilia like birthday cards, artwork sample, birthday wishlist and additional photos.
  • Ask the birthday child to write their name, starting at the third birthday.
  • Interview the birthday child with questions like “What do you think you’d like to be when you grow up?” and “What makes you really really happy?” There are additional questions as they get older, but some of the questions are repeated from age three to eighteen, which will be fun to compare answers as they get older.


  • I like how easy it is to record details around birthdays.
  • I love the interview questions for kids 3+.

DISLIKES: The design and colours are not really to my taste, but it’s not a deal breaker for me.

If you like this book, try:

  • My Quotable Kid: A Parents’ Journal of Unforgettable Quotes. Read my review.


  • 5 Stars: It’s a journal that you write in, so you need to buy it!


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