Writing Motherhood by Lisa Garrigues is for any mother who wants to “record the moments [you] will never forget and the moments [you] would otherwise never remember.” It’s a practical guide for developing the daily habit of writing about taking care of children.

I like how she explores about how “mothering gives us material for writing, so writing gives us tools for mothering”.

One of 7 building blocks in Writing Motherhood is the Mother’s Notebook, a journal where you write daily based on a writing start, or prompt. Lisa suggests two pages is a good goal to write daily, “enough to write down one moment of motherhood”.

Some of my favourite quotes in Writing Motherhood:

No matter how prepared we think we are—how well informed or widely read—becoming a mother is like landing in a foreign country.

More important than telling our children’s stories, however, the Mother’s Notebook allows us to tell our own stories. But it is much more than a product—a document that records our experiences as mothers. It is also a process—a means of understanding who we are as mothers.

“…the pages of my Mother’s Notebook illuminate what it means to be a mother in all its colors and complexities and contradictions.”

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I give Writing Motherhood a 4/5 rating because it’s definitely worth a read, for any stage of motherhood. But see if it’s available at your library, you may not need to re-read it.

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