project life scrapbook

What is Project Life?

Project Life is a way to document your life through photos and words. Simply add your photos and stories to plastic pocket pages in three-ring binders. There is no “right” way to do Project Life. Some people document a photo a day. Others document a week or month at a time. And others simply add photos and journaling when they have something to add.

project life pocket pages

How long have you been using Project Life to document?

I started documenting with Project Life in September 2013. I had followed Ali Edwards’ scrapbooking journey for years, mostly through the Creating Keepsakes magazine. Sometime in 2013 I read one of her blog posts about Project Life and realized it was the perfect solution for me.

How do you use Project Life?

In September 2013 I started making weekly spreads in a 12×12 album, which means that I was documenting one week at a time. I don’t care if I have a photo to represent each day, I simply choose my favourite photos from the week and use those. The photos are usually ones I post on Instagram.

I used Design A page protectors, which are the most commonly used 12×12 design. At some point, I started alternating photos and journaling to make a checkered pattern, so it’s kind of hard to see that I am using Design A, which has two 4×6 pockets at the top of the page, the middle row is four 3×4 pockets and the bottom row is two 4×6 pockets.

12x12 project ife pocket page

How often and where do you print your photos?

Sometimes I print at home, but I’m not super happy with our printer, and the printing supplies cost more in Canada. Sometimes I print at Costco (1.5 hours from our house). Sometimes I print at Wal-Mart, not because I like the printing quality, but because it’s the only photo printer in our city!

What are some of your tips for Project Life success?

  1. Start. It doesn’t matter if it’s not January (it was a hang up of mine for awhile until I told myself that I would not regret documenting September-December rather than waiting for the following January).
  2. Start small. Unless you are used to 12×12-sized scrapbook binders, I recommend starting with 6×8 albums. They are much easier to store, much easier for small kids to hold.
  3. Do it. It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not. I regret not keeping scrapbooks during most of the time before we had kids. You have a story to tell and only you can tell it!

Project Life Ideas and Inspiration

There are so, so many examples of Project Life pages online. Here are some of my favourites:


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