Documenting Your Week 6x8 PDF templates from The Handcrafted Story

What is “Week in the Life”?

Week In The Life™ is a a seven-day documentary project created by Ali Edwards. Week in the Life is an annual opportunity to capture the simple everyday details of your life with photos and words.

You can document your week however you want – journal about your day, take photos, make a mini book. It can be as detailed as you want.

Week in the Life 6x8 PDF template hourly from The Handcrafted Story

Make Your Own Week in the Life Project

If you are interested in making your own project, read The Basics of Documenting a Week in Your Life.

Ali is documenting her Week in the Life project this week (from Monday, October 27th through Sunday, November 2nd). She’s selling the kit she will be using for scrapbookers. You don’t have to buy the kit to participate, though. She has set up a community area on her website for people who want to share their Week in the Life projects. See her past projects.

Listen to Ali talk about Week in the Life on Katrina Kennedy’s Capture Your 365 podcast.

Print out Ali’s Daily Sheets to help you record the details of each day, including favorite moments, things you’re thankful for, things people say, and meals you make.

6×8 Week in the Life PDF Templates

This is my first week documenting a week for our family. I decided to use a 6×8 album size, with one page of journaling about each day (using a template I created, see below to download your own copy), eight 3×4 photos from the day and a timeline of the days’ events.

Since I’m using a smaller album size (6×8) and want to include my handwritten story of our week, I made my own journaling templates.

The journal prompts I used:

  • I want to remember
  • I am thankful for
  • Naomi’s stories (in the download I changed it to My stories)
  • Emily’s stories (in the download I changed it to Their stories)
  • Weather
  • What we bought today
  • We are reading/listening/watching
  • Online habits
  • We are making
  • Today’s chores

Download your own copies of my journal prompts here (free for personal use).

Week in the Life 6x8 PDF template from The Handcrafted Story

Further Reading

  • Pink Ronnie, created a project she called Our Story Right Now, in which she records the events of a typical week, day and a specific day in the life of her family.
  • This will be my first time recording a week in our lives but I have made a Day in the Life mini book.

Week in the Life 6x8 PDF template from The Handcrafted Story

Have you tried documenting a typical week in your life?


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