Understanding Exposure Book Review

Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson is for anyone who wants to learn to shoot in manual mode with their DSLR camera. It took me a long time to figure out how to shoot manually and the keys for me were this book and my camera manual.

Here are the topics covered in Understanding Exposure (though they may be different in the 3rd edition):

Understanding Exposure book review

I think the book I own is the second edition, but there is a third edition out now.

If you like this book, try:

  • reading your camera manual,
  • practicing the techniques, and
  • repeating until you figure it out.

Shooting manually is so, so worth learning. Before I learned how, my photos were always too dark. Now I can completely control the exposure. So my advice if you’re frustrated is to persevere.


I give Understanding Exposure a 5/5 rating because it is the #1 and only book I’d recommend for someone learning to shoot manually.

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