This Kids Crafts Advent Calendar lists 24 crafts to make around Christmas time. Most of the crafts would be good for ages 3-5, though younger and older may also be interested.

  1. Snowflakes from popsicle sticks (glue the sticks together with a glue gun, then decorate with buttons, glass beads, plastic jewels, glitter glue…) Older kids could make a banner with multiple popsicle stick snowflakes.
  2. Paper Houses with battery-powered tea lights inside
  3. Gingerbread nativity (link using graham wafers to make the stable and gum drops to make Joseph, Mary and Jesus)
  4.  Tissue paper stars. This colorful craft would be good for older kids, say 7 and up, when they can do basic origami.
  5. Wooden bead ornament. You could also use pipe cleaners and pony beads.
  6. Paper crowns. You could color, paint, or glue plastic jewels on it. Or try a Santa Lucia paper crown.
  7. Merry Christmas worksheet/coloring page with Joseph, Mary and Jesus.
  8. Nativity illustrated advent calendar.
  9. Snowmen with cotton balls. (Scroll down on the linked page to see the snowmen photos and printable link).
  10. Advent art journal printable. This is my new project for December 2014. I’m printing copies for myself and our girls, ages 2 and 5.
  11. Nativity scene coloring page. The link is to the image I used one year as a greeting card (printed it and had our 2 year old color it and add star stickers).
  12. “Joy to the World” paper banner. Or you could pick other words. You could use scrapbook paper, old book pages, sheet music or construction paper.
  13. Printable gift tags from Paper City. You could also make your own with office shipping tags.
  14. Ice cream cone Christmas trees. Turn a cone upside down, ice and put candy on
  15. Reindeer fingerprint gift wrap. You could also make snowmen.
  16. Wreath from paper plate. Cut a circle out of the middle of the paper plate. Paint it green or glue green tissue paper on it. Add red pom poms or shiny star stickers.
  17. Decorate a cardboard tree with circle stickers. You could also use star stickers.
  18. Color a Paper City Nativity Scene.
  19. Popsicle stick star ornaments
  20. Beaded candy cane ornaments with pony beads and pipe cleaners
  21. Playdough Christmas tree
  22. Colouring page
  23. Cardboard gingerbread house
  24. Pipe cleaner (chain) garland. Or use paper.

Do you have other Christmas crafts for kids? Put a link in the comments, I’d love to see them.


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Kids Crafts Advent Calendar - 24 crafts to make at Christmas