make your own font

If you’ve wondered how to make your own font, it’s super easy.

  1. Go to
  2. Print out the template.
  3. Fill out the template, which contains the alphabet, both upper and lower case as well as numbers and a few other characters. I used a black Gelly Roll 08 pen.
  4. Scan the template. I have an old scanner/printer that isn’t great but it seemed to work fine for this project.
  5. Upload the template to the site.

Font Formats

When you upload your template to, you will choose between these three font formats: TrueType Font (TTF), OpenType Font (OTF) and SVG font. OpenType Font is a cross-platform format, so it works on Macintosh and Windows computers and it is “a new standard for digital type fonts”. This is the font format I used. Review

  • Free. This font creator is free to use, which is great.
  • Uneven baseline. Even though I thought I filled out the template using the guides provided, the baseline of my font is quite uneven. I’m okay with how it looks for this font style but it would be very frustrating if I wanted the baseline to be consistent.
  • Paper-based template. You don’t have multiple chances to get the letters looking the way you want unless you reprint and rewrite the template.

Have you ever made your own font? Include a link in the comments.


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