how to make scrabble magnets

Perfect for leaving messages on your fridge, if you make enough of these Scrabble magnets, you could involve the whole family in fridge poetry. If you want to learn how to make Scrabble magnets, follow these steps.

Supplies for Scrabble Magnets

  • Wooden Scrabble tiles. I got mine at thrift stores.
  • Magnets. I used 3/8″ neodymium rare earth magnets, which are super strong and skinny and don’t leave black marks on things like ceramic magnets.
  • Glue. I tried crazy glue but they are falling apart.


I wasn’t sure what kind of glue I should use (I didn’t really want to use the super, smelly E6000 glue), so I found this blog post about how to make Scrabble magnets using crazy glue. Although I didn’t glue my fingers together, the glue didn’t hold.

how to make a scrabble magnet alphabet

UPDATE: the crazy glue didn’t stick and all the magnets have come apart from the Scrabble tiles. So I’m going to try my E6000 glue.

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