A quick, daily memory keeping tool: Every Day: A Five-Year Memory Book. Record one line a day in this five year memory book.

Record one line a day in this five year memory book. Every year after the first, you can compare what you wrote on the same day in previous years. If you want to a quick, daily memory keeping tool, I recommend journaling in Every Day: A Five-Year Memory Book. I have the Mr. Boddington’s Studio version, but there are other versions including: One Line a Day and the Q&A a Day, which you get to answer a question a day.

I find this book inspiring because it’s so quick and simple. Technically, it’s actually 5 lines that you are given to write in each day. I am nearly finished with my first year and rarely run out of things to write about. I am very excited to write in this book next year and the following years because I will have the added interest of being able to compare what I write in the previous years.

LIKES: I like the size, it’s not too big. I’ve taken it with me while traveling and it doesn’t take much space in a suitcase.

DISLIKES: Although I think the binding is great, it would be a little easier to open if it was wire-bound. But it’s definitely not a deal breaker for me.

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  • 5 Stars: It’s a journal that you write in, so you need to buy it!

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