Art Journal Art Journey book review

If you want to learn to how to collect your stories in an art journal format, I recommend Art Journal Art Journey: Collage and Storytelling for Honoring Your Creative Process by Nichole Rae.

If you like the look of typewriter fonts, old book pages, collages with photos and sheet music, paint chips and an overall simple aesthetic, you should look for a copy of this book.

My favourite project in this book is the Inspirational Card Deck (see below). Nichole decorated a deck of 52 playing cards using stamps, scrapbook paper. I think the idea of creating 52 tiny pieces of art is really inspiring, and I’d like to try it myself and also with our kids. It could be a good year-long project, to create one piece of art on a playing card a week.

Inspirational card deck from Art Journal Art Journey by Nicole Rae


  • I like how Nichole journals with her typewriter, making poems with often one word per line.
  • I like the tip for pouring white glue into a glass jar and using a paintbrush to apply it.
  • I like how she included a list of her favourite musicians to listen to while art journaling.

DISLIKES: I found the paragraphs in the book hard to read, and I think it’s because there are no spaces between the paragraphs. But the photos are great.

Art Journal Art Journey book review

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Art Journal Art Journey book review