Time lapse drawing videos from The Handcrafted Story on Instagram

The photo above is a drawing I made on my iPad Pro. You can watch some time lapse drawing videos I made of some of my drawings using the Procreate app with my iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. You can see more of my drawings on Instagram @thehandcraftedstory.

This first video includes drawings that were part of a 100-day project when I drew on my iPad for 100 days, starting in April 2017.

This next time lapse drawing video is from the next 100-day project I completed, when my goal was to draw patterns for 100 days, starting in July 2017. A lot of days I didn’t end up drawing patterns but I’m okay with that. I completed all 100 days of drawing every day on my iPad.

I found drawing on a blank screen intimidating, so I took a photo of a blank sketchbook to use as the background. I put the photo on a layer in the Procreate app and draw on layers on top of it.

How to make a time lapse drawing video in the Procreate app

  1. Make your drawing in the Procreate app.
  2. Tap the wrench icon (Actions menu).
  3. Tap Export Time-lapse video
  4. Tap Save Video.

See more time lapse drawing videos

You can watch more of my time lapse drawing videos on Instagram @thehandcraftedstory and you can purchase some of my drawings as printables or prints in my shop.