Time Lapse Drawing Videos Using an iPad

Time lapse drawing videos from The Handcrafted Story on Instagram

The photo above is a drawing I made on my iPad Pro. You can watch some time lapse drawing videos I made of some of my drawings using the Procreate app with my iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. You can see more of my drawings on Instagram @thehandcraftedstory.

This first video includes drawings that were part of a 100-day project when I drew on my iPad for 100 days, starting in April 2017.

This next time lapse drawing video is from the next 100-day project I completed, when my goal was to draw patterns for 100 days, starting in July 2017. A lot of days I didn’t end up drawing patterns but I’m okay with that. I completed all 100 days of drawing every day on my iPad.

I found drawing on a blank screen intimidating, so I took a photo of a blank sketchbook to use as the background. I put the photo on a layer in the Procreate app and draw on layers on top of it.

How to make a time lapse drawing video in the Procreate app

  1. Make your drawing in the Procreate app.
  2. Tap the wrench icon (Actions menu).
  3. Tap Export Time-lapse video
  4. Tap Save Video.

See more time lapse drawing videos

You can watch more of my time lapse drawing videos on Instagram @thehandcraftedstory and you can purchase some of my drawings as printables or prints in my shop.

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  1. Trish June 3, 2018 at 6:50 pm - Reply

    Anika, love your illustrations. Get that you use a photo of a sketchbook in Procreate, but how have you put the image into the sketchbook in your hand?
    May I ask which brushes you use?

    Keep drawing!


    • Anika Lacerte June 8, 2018 at 3:46 pm - Reply

      Hi Trish, thank you for your kind words! I take a photo of me holding my open sketchbook. Then I put that photo in a layer in the Procreate app and draw in layers on top of the photo. My favourite brush in the procreate app is a Gel Pen that came with the app, which I modified. Thanks for asking!

  2. Trish June 8, 2018 at 8:22 pm - Reply

    Hi Anika,

    Thanks for replying to my comment.
    OK, I have the photo in procreate and draw on another layer, but when I have finished the drawing goes into the Gallery. When I want to make another sketch do I have to import the image again, which is what I am doing, or is there some way I can save it to re use over and over?
    Also would love to know how you colour the pages of the notebook.
    Forgive me for all the questions, I have googled for this but cannot find a way to do it, I have gone through the Procreate manual and have found nothing to help me.

    I wish you had an online class!!

    Kind regards Trish

    • Anika Lacerte October 24, 2018 at 11:14 am - Reply

      Trish, I’m so sorry, somehow I only noticed this comment now!

      When I add a photo to the procreate app to draw on top of it, I keep one of the photos in a procreate document that I don’t draw on. In that document, I add a blank layer and leave the document just like that (not drawing on it). Then when I want to re-use that photo, I swipe left on the photo, and choose Duplicate. When I open the duplicate file, it’s open to the new layer on top of the photo so I’m ready to draw.

      I colour the pages by outlining the page and filling in the outline with colour. (Drag from the colour circle at the top right into the outline and let go). After I’ve touched up all the edges, if I want to re-use that coloured in page next time, I go to that layer, tap on the layer and choose Copy. Then open the new document and choose Paste. (three finger swipe down).

      Hope that makes sense, and sorry it took so long!


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