Stamping is one of the art journaling techniques I would like to try more. I’d like to make my own hand carved stamps again. As I learn more about stamping, I will add it to this page.

I’ve been inspired by many creative stamps and stamping techniques online, including the above images (linked below):

  1. Zakka Life cross stitch pencil eraser hand carved stamp
  2. Muji stamp checklist
  3. Creatiate feather stamp
  4. Andria-DrawingNear journaling lines stamp
  5. Kulitmanggis hand carved sewing stamp set

Tools for Stamping

The tools for stamping are pretty simple.

  • Stamp. You can make your own or buy one.
  • Ink pad. Apparently the StazOn ink pads are great for stamping even on surfaces other than paper but I haven’t tried it yet. It’s supposed to work on photo paper and vellum. Store your ink pads upside down to keep the ink from running to one side. I store my ink pads upside down to keep the ink near the top of the pad.
  • Paper. I think most paper works for stamping, but I prefer a matte finish rather than a gloss.
  • Embossing powder and heat gun. (optional) After you make a stamp impression, while the ink is still wet, you pour embossing powder over the impression, tap off excess powder and heat the powder until it becomes solid.

DIY Stamp Carving

Making your own stamps is quite simple. You can even make your own stamp with an eraser and a linoleum cutter! You can also buy stamp carving blocks that you can carve to make your own stamps.

There’s a great Hand Carved Stamp Tutorial from Geninne’s Art blog (author of Making an Impression: Designing and Creating Artful Stamps which I have not read yet but it’s on my wishlist). The stamp carving block she recommends is called Moocarve (which I have not used) and she also recommends a Speedball linoleum cutter.

Artists Examples

Do you have any stamping techniques, books or websites you’d recommend? Please leave a link in the comments.


Art Journaling

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