Shutterfly Photo Book Review | The Handcrafted Story

I have made 7 Shutterfly photo books over the past few years. All but one of the books are 8×8 hardcover books. The photos I chose have almost always been photos of our kids that I print multiple copies of for us and for their grandparents. Digital photo books make it so easy to create multiple copies.

For this book, I used only photos from my iPhone 4s, which I uploaded as JPGs. Shutterfly offers many template options, but I have always uploaded my own JPG files. Shutterfly actually makes it very easy to add many different combinations of photos and layouts on each page. There are also themes, which they call “Storytelling styles” that you can choose and even automatically populate your book with photos you pick.

Shutterfly Photo Book Review | The Handcrafted Story


  • I’m happy with the quality of the binding and printing. Over the years, the Shutterfly photo books have had a consistent quality and I’ve never had to return a book.
  • The shipping costs with Shutterfly are very reasonable, particularly compared with other photo book printers.

Shutterfly Photo Book Review | The Handcrafted Story


  • There’s no option for a matte finish on the cover of the book, they all come glossy, which is not my preference.
  • There is a barcode on the back of the book (see photo below).
  • There is also a Shutterfly logo on the end sheet, the last page in the book (see the last photo below).

Shutterfly Photo Book Review | The Handcrafted Story


Shutterfly Photo Book Review | The Handcrafted Story


  • I’ve also printed two desktop photo calendars with Shutterfly and was super impressed with the quality.
  • Shutterfly has apps for iPad, iPhone and Android, but I haven’t tried them out yet.
  • There’s a “Storytelling style” on Shutterfly that’s called Mini Masterpieces, and it’s designed to show photos of your child and their artwork, which I think is a great idea, but haven’t tried it yet.
  • You can store photos on Shutterfly.
  • You can share your photos on Shutterfly with other people by email.


I will definitely print with Shutterfly again.

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