art journaling with circle paper punch

Paper punches are really easy to use. For this project, I used a Fiskars 2″ Round ‘n Round circle punch to cut four circles from scrapbook paper. Then I cut a line to the middle of each circle and joined them together. Then, very carefully, I placed the joined circles on the white cardstock and used my sewing machine to stitch right down the middle. So I didn’t need to use any glue since the stitching caught all four pieces of paper.

art journaling with paper punches

On the right page, I cut strips of scrapbook paper and sewed them randomly on the page. Then I wrote a quote in the empty spaces. The quote is “When we stop fearing failure we start being artists.” by Ann Voskamp.

I used scrapbook paper, but there are many other options of paper to use:

  • old books
  • sheet music
  • maps
  • graph paper

art journal paper punches

Art Made from Paper Punches

Paper punches are a quick way to get an exact shape. I really like the following art project, where papers were painted and then punched with a circle punch and glued to make a piece of wall art.

Tara Dennis paper punches art from painting

Source: Artful Circles by Tara Dennis

Another fun idea is to stick strips of washi tape slightly overlapping on wax paper. then punch out. I wondered if punching washi tape would gum up the paper punch. Have you tried it?

washitapecrafts paper punch art

Source: DIY Washi Tape Stickers

I’ve also used my circle paper punch to make garlands. I punched circles out of sheet music and sewed a straight line through them.

How do you use paper punches? Any tips for sharpening paper punches?


Art Journaling

I am participating in the 31 Days, which is a blogging challenge in October organized by The Nester. I have chosen to (attempt) to write Monday-Friday during October on the topic of art journaling.

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Circles cut from scrapbook paper and machine stitched to page. From The Handcrafted Story