I’m really excited about my Project Life scrapbook. I have been interested in scrapbooking for many years. I subscribed to Creating Keepsakes magazine for quite a few years because I loved Ali Edwards’ memory keeping style. I like the idea of combining photography and storytelling.

I started some digital scrapbook pages a few years ago, despite the fact that it seemed a little uncomfortable to be scrapbooking when I didn’t have kids. (In my head, it seemed like having kids was a prerequisite for scrapbooking, but it’s really not). I really wanted to scrapbook but I didn’t know a way that would work for me, until now…

What is a Project Life Scrapbook?

This spring I read about a scrapbooking style called “Project Life®” or “pocket scrapbooking” and it was love at first sight! All you need is a binder, plastic page protectors, my photos and some journal cards.

I LOVE how this project combines my interest in photographing our everyday life, and creating interesting designs.

You can use the pocket pages however you want; some people are using a double-page spread to scrapbook a month of events, but the most common is to document one week per two-page spread. Here is my cover page and first weekly spread in my Project Life scrapbook:


I decided to try doing one week per spread, going from Sunday-Saturday. I am choosing the photos that best represent our week, so there won’t necessarily be a photo for each day.


Since I found out about this style of scrapbooking in Spring and got the supplies in September, I didn’t start in January, which felt a little strange but I’d rather start now and have a partial year than wait till January 2014 and have nothing from this year.


I started scrapbooking so that I can regularly print the many photos I take so our girls (almost 4 and 1) can look at the photos. I also want to record the stories behind the photos, especially the funny things the girls say and their milestones.


I blurred out the details on the First day of preschool journal card for privacy.

My Review of my Project Life Scrapbook

  • Printing photos. I love this project! I love having my photos printed (this week they are all photos from my iPhone). I love telling the story behind the photos.
  • Changing pocket sizes. I’m not sure that I like the different sized pockets (4×6 and 3×4), and would consider using square pockets instead (all the same size), like this one that has 9 pockets that are all 4″x4″.
  • Downloading digital journal cards. I think I might chose to buy a digital set of Project Life® cards rather than the physical copies, so that I have only the cards I want to use and can print on a slightly thicker paper.
  • Printing the photos at home. I don’t like some of the tools I’m using, specifically the HP Photosmart ink jet printer I’m using to print the photos. We got the printer for free with the purchase of a laptop a few years ago, so it’s not something I researched and purchased, and it’s really not doing that great a job. However, it does print better than our local Walmart, and it allows me to print from home, which is more convenient.
  • Cutting the photos to fit the pockets. I don’t like the paper trimmer I’m using, it just doesn’t cut straight. But I don’t know of a better trimmer to buy. The reviews on Amazon are pretty mixed on all the paper trimmers.

My Project Life Scrapbook Supplies

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