Making a Photo Book With Shutterfly

Making a photo book With Shutterfly. From The Handcrafted Story

Making a photo book is a great way to document your stories. When you make a photo book, you can:

  • Print multiple copies. It’s easy to print extra copies for family or friends.
  • Get your photos off your camera or phone.
  • Share your photos with friends and family. Let your kids look at photo books instead of giving them your camera, phone or laptop to view your photos.

I have reviewed the photo books I made with Shutterfly, Artifact Uprising and Blurb but this post focuses on the steps to make a photo book with Shutterfly.

Photo book spine - Shutterfly. From The Handcrafted Story

Making Your Shutterfly Photo Book

If you’re making your first photo book, I recommend starting with Shutterfly, because it’s the simplest process to use to make your photo book. Also, after you upload your photos to Shutterfly you can store and share them.

If you want to upload your own pages to Shutterfly:

  1. Sign in to Shutterfly.
  2. Hover over the word Photo Books, under Shop by Size or Type, I pick 8×8 Photo Books. Then choose Select this photo book.
  3. Click on the My Computer tab and Get photos.
  4. Add to Photo Book.
  5. Click on the Select all  in the top right corner.
  6. Add to Photo Book.
  7. Drag and drop your photos from the bottom bar into the photo book.
  8. Once you add a photo to your book, it is removed from the bottom bar so you don’t add duplicate photos.
  9. Use the arrows to flip between pages.
  10. Double-click on an image to crop it.
  11. The left panel shows different layout options. You can pick a layout and drag it onto the page you want to apply it.
  12. You pick layout options based on how many photos you want to include on the page.
  13. You can change your theme even after you’ve added photos and text. Simply hover over the word Book at the top of the page, then choose Change style…

Making a photo book with Shutterfly. From The Handcrafted Story

Before You Make Your Photo Book

Before you start making a photo book, I recommend that you:

  • Choose your favourite photos. Make a new folder with all the your favourite photos you may want to include in your photo book.
  • Choose a theme. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You could pick photos from a particular event or about a story you want to tell.

Before you order your photo book, I recommend searching for coupon codes as there are often specials you can take advantage of.

Making a photo book with Shutterfly. From The Handcrafted Story

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Making a photo book with Shutterfly. From The Handcrafted Story.

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  1. Carol May 30, 2019 at 11:40 am - Reply

    I’m in the process of making a book of my late mother’s life. What font should I use and what size if I’m giving a description below a picture(caption) ie: first home after marriage, 111 South Lake St. What size font should I use it I’m naming the picture ie: Graduation 1950. I’m afraid the font size I’m using is going to be too big.

    • Anika Lacerte June 12, 2019 at 2:14 pm - Reply

      Hi Carol, it’s hard for me to say which font you should use since it seems like a personal choice to me. And the sizes will vary depending on which font you choose. The smallest I’ve gone is I think about size 9, but some fonts are easier to read than others. The size of the book you’re making will also affect how big the font looks. You might need to make a book the way it looks best to you and print it to see what it looks like. Or, if you have access to printing in a Word document or Google Docs, then you could maybe try out some fonts and print them out at different sizes. Hope that helps.

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