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Sabine, who writes at Moments to Live For, tagged me in an Inspiration Blog Hop. I decided to put a little twist on the blog hop and add how to inspire creativity in myself.

What is your creative process?

This is the part about how to inspire creativity in myself.

  • I make lists. I get all my ideas on paper, where I can organize them. I like listing in lined notepads and spiral-bound books.
  • I start. I stop planning or procrastinating and pick a place to start. I often find the process inspiring, so I just need to start.
  • I listen to podcasts. Tomorrow, I have a post scheduled to share some of my favourite podcasts.
  • I read books about creativity, you can read my book reviews. (see some of my favourites in the above photo)
  • I look at Pinterest when I’m stuck, or when I don’t have time to do the work but do have time to think about it. I like to find artists I like and try to make something of my own based on what I like in their work.
  • I go for a drive. Sometimes with our girls, although I prefer to go alone. I am an introvert and need to time alone to recharge.
  • I listen to music.
  • I go for photo walks by myself.
  • I take a course. 

What are you currently working on?

I usually have quite a few projects in process, here are some current creative projects:

  • Get Messy Art Journal. I have a list of ideas based on the February prompts and am waiting for the time/energy to work on them. Sometimes needing to wait works out well for me because I can mull over my ideas and look for inspiration. Then the creative work seems to happen quickly because I have it planned out.
  • Photo books. I’m working on a book about me, which I’m planning to print with Blurb. I’m also working on a book about my grandma who turns 90 this year, which I will print with Shutterfly.
  • Project Life. (this can be whatever you want, it’s a way to record your stories, usually through photos and stories, and usually in plastic pocket pages). I’m keeping it simple and printing my Instagram photos and comments. I’m way behind but because I am using Instagram, and don’t add embellishments, I know I can work on it when I feel inspired.)

Sewing on paper for art journaling. From The Handcrafted Story.

How does your work differ from others?

  • I usually prefer a limited colour palette, but not always.
  • I like to use my sewing machine.
  • I’m trying different techniques.

The following photo is a project I made based on a Poppytalk DIY Thanksgiving Garland I found on Pinterest. I hand cut the felt letters “Be Thankful” and glued them to the cardstock.

"Be thankful" hand cut felt letters from The Handcrafted Story

Why do you create?

I have to create or I get really grumpy. I create because I must. When I make things I get ideas to make more things. Creating begets creating.

How do you inspire yourself creatively?

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