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Hand lettering is a fancy way to say handwriting or drawing letters. Hand lettering refers to words made by hand rather than printed from a computer. Like many art techniques, I think it’s best learned by trying it, which I would like to practice more. As I learn more about hand lettering I will add it to this page.

I’ve been interested in hand lettering for many years. Above are some examples of hand lettering I like recently.

Some common characteristics of hand lettering I like include:

  • black and white,
  • an uneven baseline,
  • a mix of capital block letters and cursive handwriting.

As I learn more about hand lettering, I will add it to this page.

Make Your Own Font

You can make your own hand lettering into a font. I would love to design my own hand lettering font. Have you tried it and do you have any suggestions?

Lisa Congdon has a made her hand lettering into a font, called Petit Lisa. You can download (for free!) scrapbooker Ali Edwards’s script handwriting font.

Tools for Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering Examples

The hand lettering examples I included above are from the following hand lettering artists:

  1. Lisa Congon lisacongdon.com
  2. Heather Burris tickledyellow.blogspot.ca
  3. The Notebook Doodles thenotebookdoodles.com
  4. Lindsay Ostrom lindsayostrom.blogspot.ca
  5. Shanna Murray shannamurray.com
  6. Chris Wright handlettering.co

Other Hand Lettering Examples

Do you have any favourite hand lettering artists? Include a link in the comments.



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Get Messy Art Journal: Hand Lettering


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