Art Journal Doodles

Over fifteen years ago, I went to school in England and Austria. During the lectures I would often make doodle drawings. These are the pages from those days. Sometimes I would glue magazine cut outs. I think I’ve been art journaling for years but didn’t know it.

Every once in awhile I find a good notebook and start drawing doodles again. I think I find it relaxing and inspiring, and every time I pick it up again I tell myself I should do it more often.

Art Journal line drawing

Apparently, I was interested in drawing feet.

Art Journal drawing

Most of my art journal books are random doodle drawings.

If I analyze the pages carefully, it seems like most pages were drawn after I got a new pen or set of pens.

Art Journal Doodles

Art Journal Doodles Art Journal Doodles Art Journal Doodles

Here is my latest sketchbook (from Michael’s). I love the small size (3.5″ x 5″) and hope I remember to bring it with me more often.

Art Journal book

In the following images, you can see my recent doodles. I think my style hasn’t changed much in 15 years, which is interesting. But I’m hoping to experiment more now. Some of the art journal techniques I’d like to experiment with include sewing on pages, stamping (including making my own stamps), paper cutting, and collage.


Above is the my first page in the new art journal. You can see my One Little Word for 2014: dwell.

Below, I’m experimenting with my hand lettering. I really like Lisa Congdon’s hand lettering style.


I wish I had written (even brief) explanations in my old journals and hope to include that in the future. Things like, why was I drawing feet?

Do you ever compare your creative projects from your past with what you’re making now?


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