Digital scrapbooking for beginners. How to start, where to find inspiration and supplies.

What is Digital Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking means to me simply telling my story with photos and words. And I believe that everything counts for memory keeping, including telling stories on Instagram, blogging and printing photo books.

I prefer digital scrapbooking, which means that I either print out 4×6 photos or print photo books. Digital scrapbooking means recording your photos and stories on phone, camera or computer. Traditional scrapbooking is primarily paper-based, typically using 12×12 paper. Hybrid scrapbooking combines digital and traditional scrapbooking. Ultimately, whatever works in telling your stories.

My Scrapbooking Manifesto

  • Taking the photos | I’d rather have a less than perfect photo from my iPhone than have no photo because I’m not carrying my digital SLR everywhere.
  • Writing the stories | Writing the stories even when there are no related photos.
  • Simple design | Nothing on the page that isn’t necessary.
  • Digital scrapbooking | Record the stories. If the best way to do that is on Instagram, then that’s how I’ll do it. Also, save money by buying digital supplies that can be reused.

How to Start Digital Scrapbooking

  1. Take photos.
  2. Write stories.
  3. Print.

Storytelling with digital scrapbooking is really that simple. If you’ve never made a photo book, I recommend printing with Shutterfly, which has many template options and allows you to upload, save and share your photos through their site. If you’re not sure, read my Shutterfly photo book review.

Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration

My #1 source of inspiration are the blogs of the scrapbookers that are inspiring me now:

Scrapbooking Podcasts

I don’t know anyone in real life who is interested in memory keeping like I am, so I have enjoyed listening to podcasts about memory keeping.


Printing Digital Photo Books

Do you have any scrapbooking links to share for beginners?

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