Artifact Uprising Photo Book Review

I wanted to print a photo book with Artifact Uprising for a long time, and finally ordered three Artifact Uprising photo books in June 2014.  The size I chose is their “Instagram Friendly Book” 5.5×5.5 inches, with 40 pages for $17.99 US. One book is a collection of photos from my trip to Europe in 1998, another book is photos from our honeymoon in 2001, and the other book is winter photos.



  • Printing quality is good. Since the photos I was printing were either photos from my iPhone 4s or scanned photos, I didn’t want to print larger than their 5.5×5.5 size. I’m happy with the quality of the photo printing based on the quality of my files.
  • Simple aesthetic. I like the layout options offered by Artifact Uprising.



  • Binding quality is okay. The books don’t lay flat, so I gently opened the book to bend the pages open and some of the photos seem to have transferred to opposite pages along the center. This isn’t a problem where the photos don’t go all the way to the center, but if I’m going to be picky, I don’t like that.
  • Layout is limited. I like the look of one photo per page, which is mostly what is offered at Artifact Uprising. They do have an option to put 4 photos on a page in a grid, I think, but I didn’t use that option. You can put more photos per page if you do it on your own in a program like Photoshop, then upload the JPG file.
  • No option for panorama images across the spread. In order to make a spread with one photo across both pages, I had to upload two separate JPGs that I had cropped in Photoshop.



  • App: There is an iPhone app for Artifact Uprising.
  • Custom gifts: Artifact Uprising also prints calendars, prints, postcards and wooden boxes (they print a photo onto the lid of the wooden box, pretty cool).



I will definitely print with Artifact Uprising again. I like the small size of their Instagram Friendly books (5.5x5x5) for printing vacation photos.

While working on these travel books, I came up with some travel photo book ideas.

Artifact Uprising Photo Book Review

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