cover of 30 Days of Lists book

30 Days of Lists is a creative journaling challenge for people who love to make lists. This was my first time scrapbooking 30 Days of Lists.

30 Days of Lists

I like being part of a project that other people are participating in online. It can be inspiring to see how people document their 30 Days of Lists.

Some people complete each list prompt as they receive it by email, but I mostly completed all the lists at once.

Notes About My Experience

I changed the prompt for day 16, which was “Posters that were on my walls when I was growing up” because I couldn’t remember any.

The prompt for day 7 was “Chores I actually enjoy”, and I did not write anything on purpose. Ha!

30 Days of Lists mini book

Kraft Chipboard Base

I had 4×4 kraft chipboard cut at a local print shop for around $4. I really wanted to print directly onto the chipboard but our laser printer cannot handle such thick paper. I was planning to cut the 8.5×11 chipboard to size but they offered to do it for me. If I was going to cut it, I would use my rotary cutter, plastic ruler and cutting mat.

mini book 30 Days of Lists


The photos were all taken with my Canon DSLR which is unusual these days since I usually use my iPhone camera.

I printed 30 4×6 photo prints with two photos from around the time I was writing 30 Days of Lists.

I printed the photos at Costco (not all Costco photo printers are good). Both our printers (black and white laser and old HP inkjet) decided not to work as I was working on this project.

I really like the 3191 Miles Apart diptychs, which are collaboration between two photographers who live 3191 miles apart. They started with morning photos for a year, then evening photos the following year, and they have since published the series in books. Since I don’t yet know anyone who has a similar aesthetic to collaborate with, I decided to make my own everyday photo diptychs.

30 Days of Lists


I designed the cover in Adobe Indesign (I have version CS4) and then printed on a transparency with our laser printer. I trimmed the cover to 4×4 size and attached the printed transparency to the first chipboard page using metal silver eyelets.

I think I must have poor technique with eyelets because I seem to alternate between not using enough pressure to close the eyelet or using too much hammer-strength and smashing the eyelet to smithereens, which I did with the top eyelet. Also, I’m not sure if there is a way to redeem the transparency and chipboard by removing the smashed eyelet? Any suggestions?

scrapbook 30 Days of Lists

Binder Ring Binding

I used 1-inch sized binder rings. I bought a box of binder rings since I plan to make more mini books.

I used a regular 3-hole punch to make the holes in the chipboard, which I did after I had glued on the photos with a tape runner.

30 Days of Lists challenge

Typewriter Journaling

This was my first project with my thrift store typewriter. I had some trouble with the keys pressing twice (looked like there were two letters instead of one) but it turns out I was just pressing too hard. I also had to reprint some of the journaling because it ended up getting hole-punched when I put it together. Some of the first pages, where I had punched holes through the words, I simply retyped, and glued down the new paper.

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30 Days of Lists30 Days of Lists30 Days of Lists mini book


You made it to the end of this post, yeah!

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